Thursday, January 8, 2009

Love Is Apparently Quite Morbid

I already had a headache when I came across today's Love Is.... Now my headache has grown to monstrous size, and I'm still not sure why the legacy clone who produces this comic thought it was a good idea to draw his heroine weeping over her lover's grave. I know the Loveshmoos are quite mutable--sometimes courting, sometimes married, sometimes having kids--but come on...death? In a Love Is... comic? Stefano Casali, have you gone mad*?

A medieval context may cast at least a faint light on this...whatever this is. The female Lovescmoo is clearly sinning here; she is weeping over her swetynge's mortal remains instead of being happy that he has departed this vale of tears for his wondrous, well-deserved afterlife. Her relentless focus on the World and the Flesh (plus, by implication, the Devil) is going to land her in the Bad Place and not win her an eternal place by Mr. Loveshmoo's side.

Woe, quoth the cartoonist. Woe, doom, and despair! Learn to let go, you fools! By placing flowers on some guy's grave, you are flirting with eternal damnation! Marmaduke will come for you and drag you down to Hell!

It is, of course, entirely possible that I am wholly misinterpreting this comic, and the Loveshmoo is actually just hugging her surfboard. It's surprisingly difficult to tell.

*...der than usual?


Ben said...

Dear God! Inadvertant bad taste alert!

john said...

The stranger thing is that Stefano Casali is the son of original cartoonist Kim Casali (a.k.a. Female Loveschmoo.) mom visited her husband's grave naked. Or something.

Angry Kem said...

Even squickier: Kim Casali is dead.

CrackerLilo said...

Just read others' comments, and forgot my own! The pileup of squickiness overwhelmed me!

Deborah said...

It isn't weird at all... Kim Casalis husband died from cancer when they were married for 6 years. Before their marriage, they could not meet regularly as he lived in Italy, so she drew the "Love Is..." Comics for him. Stefano Casali only shows us how much his mother suffered from her husbands death - and what is morbid about missing the love of your life???

Eydie Merwitzer said...