Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Banality of Evil

It really is a week for medieval puns. Today, Love Is..., which deserves to be mulched, burned, and flung into an abyss of everlasting darkness, makes a pun that works better in Middle English than it does in the modern variant of the language. Oh, sure, we still tell a man who hasn't shaven for a while that he "looks a bit rough"...but why do we? Because "rough" means not simply "rugged" or "not smooth" but also "hairy"...that's why. The male Loveshmoo is hairy...and thus "rough" to the touch. Ha ha ha ha ha!*

I sincerely advise you not to think about the following facts:

1) The Loveshmoos are naked.
2) The Loveshmoos appear to be prepubescent.
3) The Loveshmoos have no identifiable sex organs, though the female Loveshmoo does have tiny nipples, whereas the male Loveshmoo does not.
4) Nonetheless, the male Loveshmoo can grow facial hair.

I really, really hate these little guys.

*I never said it was a good medieval pun.

1 comment:

The Prettiest said...

I would advise against calling the creatures of Love Is "schmoos", since that is... well, it just draws attention to what is missing from half the duo*. I might suggest instead: "love doughbeasts", "love amorphs", or perhaps "gaaaaaargh".

* It doesn't really matter whether the etymology is right; it's close enough to create a mental connection, and I don't want to associate these monstrosities with any such thing.