Saturday, September 13, 2008

Moral Gower Would Have Liked This Comic

One fun thing about comics written by people out of touch with the day-to-day life of the twenty-first century is that while these people have heard of such shocking concepts as phishing, drug abuse, and cell-phone providers, they are unsure of exactly how they work. Imagine an eighteen-year-old rich girl from L.A. tackling a historical novel about medieval France and you may have some idea of the level of disconnect here. These people really, really want to write about relevant issues, and they earnestly do their research by reading all sorts of useful books written in the late 1960s by middle-aged experts in "youth culture," but though they mean well, they are still effectively eighteen-year-old rich girls from L.A. tackling historical novels about medieval France.

Apartment 3-G is written by one of these people.

P.S.: Thanks to everyone who helped me sort out my many Photoshop issues. I think I've got everything working more or less efficiently now.


Kip W said...

You know, once you get used to reading it, Middle English feels just like modern English!

Kip W said...

...And the retexted strip, of course, showed up the moment my comment was accepted, rendering it fatuous and smug-sounding. No doubt that's the price I pay for saying fatuous things in a smug way.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Nice work on all these, Angry Kem! I actually thought A3G was one of the funniest comics in Saturday's paper, right up there with Get Fuzzy (the only difference being that GF is intentionally funny). Didn't think it could be made funnier, but the "Unclene!" arrows were a very funny touch -- and probably a better visual indicator of drug use than an unbuttoned collar and ragged curtains.