Monday, December 1, 2008

Maybe I Could Feed My Students' Papers to Marmaduke

I'm nowhere near finished my marking...I am mired in plagiarism idiot driver clipped me with his car this evening...and a large dog tried to eat me. In honour of the last of these depressing circumstances, I shall spend at least a brief time with our friend Marmaduke.

In today's comic, we see that Marmaduke has grown to the size of an SUV. The joke is no longer simply that he's a great big dog; it is that he is becoming the canine equivalent of Audrey II.* If the artist is, in fact, familiar with the rules of perspective, he is calmly and deliberately drawing Marmaduke to be the same height as the guy with the hat...when Marmaduke is lying down. That, my friends, is a great big dog.

As well, the Antichrist story continues apace. As the Beast gains more power, that power begins to have an effect on his physical presence. Beware, Random Walking Couple; Marmaduke will swallow you whole. Just look at that tongue. It looks like an identifying mark of the Hellmouth to me.

Before long, Marmaduke will grow to roughly the size of Saskatchewan, and Armageddon will begin. It's really only a matter of time.

*If you have never seen Little Shop of Horrors on stage, now is probably a good time to start.


Ceirseach said...

Perhaps he ate the SUV.

The Antichrist begins his work towards the destruction of creation by devouring the creations of God's created-in-my-image! In doing so, he makes the planet a cleaner place! Ah, the ambiguities of the Apocralypse.

Kip W said...

In the "big dog" olympics, there can only be one winner, and that's "Clifford." Word is that when Clifford accidentally sat on Marmaduke, he discovered that he already had Howard Huge stuck between two of his toes.

K. Ivan said...

Oh my! I hope that things get better for you quickly!

I'm guessing that the plagiarism proceedings involve one of your students and you are involved because you discovered it?

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